Downtown Norfolk Waterfront

An urban waterfront that's surrounded by natural beauty.

  1. Downtown Norfolk Council T-shirt

    1. Downtown Norfolk Council

    Downtown Norfolk Council is Waterside District's go-to local partner connecting the District to the region's arts, culture, lifestyle and exploration of our city's attractions and events. The DNC serves as the leading advocate for Downtown Norfolk and ensures Downtown's position as the thriving and essential cultural, commercial and residential hub of Hampton Roads. Waterside District has been a member of the Downtown Norfolk Council since its inception, allowing access to monthly membership briefings and access to special events, such as First Friday's, Restaurant Week participation, and the annual Grand Illumination Parade.
  2. Man riding bike along Elizabeth River Trail.

    2. Elizabeth River Trail

    Norfolk's iconic waterfront can be traveled via the Elizabeth River Trail. This 10.5 mile urban trail allows you to bike, walk or run (and now scooter) through Norfolk's best views and historic sites, including our very own Waterside District along the Downtown Waterfront.
  3. Waterside Marina

    3. Waterside Marina

    The Waterside Marina sits directly on the doorsteps of Waterside District, located in the heart of downtown Norfolk, and conveniently on Mile Marker zero of the Elizabeth River.
  4. Waterside District aerial view at night.

    4. VisitNorfolk

    As VisitNorfolk says, Nor-Fok, or Naw-fok, no matter how you pronounce it, the experience will always be the same: fun, vibrant entertainment and culture, delicious cuisine and 144 miles of shoreline waiting to be explored! Waterside District is proud to represent the Mermaid City, and everything VisitNorfolk does to encourage locals and out of town guests to tour all that Norfolk has to offer, whether it be dining, drinking, or soaking in an unforgettable experience.
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